Simulation of the Porsche InnoDrive system

What Is Porsche InnoDrive?

Porsche InnoDrive enhances adaptive cruise control technology with a variety of new and innovative features. The standard Porsche Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system will control the speed of your vehicle in conjunction with the speed of the vehicle in front of you even down to a halt by means of the stop-and-go function (usable at 19+ mph). Porsche InnoDrive takes this a step further and predictivly sets your vehicle's speed for upcoming road conditions. With the aid of high-resolution navigation data and information supplied by the radar and video sensors, Porsche InnoDrive analyzes speed limits and topographical road features, such as gradients or corner radii, along your route even before you reach them – and modifies the gearshift strategy and speed of the vehicle accordingly.

You can even change the driving feel by switching into SPORT mode. Depending on the driving mode, the system selects the optimum parameters for engine management and gear selection, including coasting and deceleration. The Porsche InnoDrive system predicts the next 1.8 miles to formulate the optimum timing for acceleration, constant speed driving, and deceleration phases. The result is a far more efficient and harmonious driving experience.

Traffic Jam Assist

Another advanced feature of the Porsche InnoDrive system is Traffic Jam Assist. At speeds of up to approximately 37 mph, the system uses gentle steering inputs to keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane, regulates the distance from vehicles in front, and follows the queue ahead where system limitations allow. The result is appreciable stress relief and greater comfort while stuck in traffic.

Learn More About Porsche InnoDrive

Porsche InnoDrive is currently available on new Porsche Panamera and new Porsche Cayenne models. Whether you are commuting through Bellevue, or on a long road trip with the family, the Porsche InnoDrive system helps you relax while behind the wheel. For more information on Porsche InnoDrive, or any other exciting Porsche technology, feel free to contact us today at 425-412-4114 to speak with one of our knowledgeable teammates. While you're here, be sure to view our new inventory to find your perfect Porsche with Porsche InnoDrive for sale in Bellevue today!