Porsche Lane Keep Assist technology

What Is Porsche Lane Keep Assist?

Porsche Lane Keep Assist (LKA) including Traffic Sign Recognition is an assistance system that uses a camera to detect divider line markings on the road and helps the driver to stay in lane by making corrective steering inputs. With even the slightest glance towards passing scenery, you can sometimes find yourself veering outside your lane. If your Porsche inadvertently strays from the lane when Lane Keep Assist is activated, it can be guided back in again by means of corrective steering intervention initiated by Lane Keep Assist. In addition, a warning tone sounds when the vehicle drives over the lane markings, and the lane will be highlighted in red on the instrument cluster. To prevent unnecessary warnings during city driving, Lane Keep Assist is active from speeds of 40 mph and above.

Porsche Traffic Sign Recognition

Working in conjunction with Lane Keep Assist, Porsche Traffic Sign Recognition uses a high-resolution camera and navigation data to detect road signs, restricted passing zones (both start and end), and transmit local traffic codes (from boundary signs). By leveraging this camera in addition to stored navigation data, even temporary speed restrictions can be detected and alerted to the driver. After a quick analysis, the traffic sign information is then displayed clearly in your instrument cluster. The traffic sign recognition function also now utilizes a cornering notification feature. Based on navigation system data and camera recognition of cornering road signs, the system displays an arrowed direction warning on the instrument cluster display alerting you about tight corners ahead, long before you reach them.

How to Activate Lane Keep Assist

Lane Keep Assist can be switched on and off in the PCM. Simply click: ASSIST > CONTROL > Lane Keep Assist to access LKA. The driver's steering behavior is monitored when Lane Keep Assist is on. If there are no steering movements, a warning appears after a short time on the instrument cluster. Lane Keep Assist is passive. Steering intervention on the part of the driver will re-activate Lane Keep Assist. On tight bends, corrective steering intervention is not enough to keep the vehicle in the lane. Lane Keep Assist will be deactivated and there is no corrective steering intervention.

Additionally, you can also set the steering point and acoustic warning volume in the PCM by clicking: ASSIST > SET > Lane Keep Assist.

Early: In this setting, corrective steering intervention takes place continuously in order to support the driver in maintaining a central line within the lane.

Late: In this setting, corrective steering intervention only takes place shortly before a wheel crosses a detected lane marking.

Acoustic warning: The acoustic warning can be switched on and off individually. The warning tone volume can also be selected in 3 levels.

New Porsche Models with Lane Keep Assist

Porsche Lane Keep Assist including Traffic Sign Recognition is currently available on new Porsche 911, Cayenne, and Panamera models as an individual option or as part of the Assistance Package. Standard Lane Keep Assist without the traffic sign recognition function is available on new Macan models. For more information on Porsche Lane Keep Assist, or any other Porsche assistance systems like the highly advanced Porsche InnoDrive with Adaptive Cruise Control, feel free to contact us today at 425-412-4114. Our friendly and knowledgeable teammates are here to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, be sure to check out our new inventory or Porsche cars and SUVs with Lane Keep Assist for sale in Bellevue!